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Newly Released Resources

Test Run - Implementing the National Institute of Standards and Technology Tests
The Computer Security Division of the U.S. government's National Institute of Standards and Technology provides resources to protect information sy...

Geo-Visualization of Government Data Sources
Using SQL Azure with geographic fields to normalize content from multiple, publicly available data sources can provide many interesting opportuniti...

Enhance Citizen Services with Windows Phone 8 Wallet and NFC
City governments struggle with shrinking budgets as they work to provide high-quality services to tech-savvy citizens. Learn how the digital wallet...

Engage Governments and Communities with Open311
Open311 provides a vehicle for the community to report social and infrastructure issues to the government. Learn how Windows Store apps can extend ...

Writing a Testable Presentation Layer with MVVM
Brent Edwards concludes his series on writing a testable presentation layer for Window 8 and Windows Phone 8 applications using the MVVM pattern wi...

DirectX Factor - Who’s Afraid of Glyph Runs?
If you’re writing a Windows Store app, you may want to use glyphs to display text. Charles Petzold explains the rationale behind using glyphs, as w...

LINQPad Plugin for Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2013
LINQPad Plugin for Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2013

Placeholder for the moment.

Visual Studio Gems
Gems of Visual Studio's source codes. Regards to Steven J Lyons. FILEBASE for source code values.

DirectX Factor - Text Formatting and Scrolling with DirectWrite
DirectX splits the subtle task of working with text into two major subsystems: Direct2D and DirectWrite. In this column Charles Petzold explores ho...


Most Popular Resources

Code Header Designer
NEW VERSION AVAILABLE: The Code Header Designer gives developers the ability to design code headers, save them, and apply the header to existing so...

Samples Environment for Microsoft Chart Controls
The samples environment for Microsoft Chart Controls for .NET Framework contains over 200 samples for both ASP.NET and Windows Forms. The samples c...

Visual C# 2008 Samples
Our first release on CodeGallery contains updates to the official C# samples that ship with Visual Studio 2008.

StyleCop analyzes C# source code to enforce a set of style and consistency rules. It can be run from inside of Visual Studio or integrated into an ...

Visual Basic Forms over Data Video Series Samples
This how-to video series is dedicated to getting Visual Basic developers productive on areas of data-based Windows Application development.

Employee Info Starter Kit
Employee Info Starter Kit is a ASP.NET based web application, which includes very simple user requirements, where we can create, read, update and d...

Windows 7 Developer Guide
Build applications on a solid foundation; enable richer application experiences; and integrate the best of Windows and web services. The features a...

WPF Forms over Data Videos
This how-to video series is dedicated to getting developers productive on areas of data-based Windows Presentation Foundation (WPF) Application dev...

Office Live Small Business Web Site Templates
A collection of Web site templates to be used in Office Live Small Business accounts. These templates included Web pages, business applications, im...

Hyper-V Remote Management Configuration Utility
About - HVRemote reduces the manual configuration steps needed for Hyper-V Remote Management down to one or two commands. - HVRemote can diagnose ...

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