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Alpha Blend Toolbar
Azure Library for Lucene.Net (Full Text Indexing for Azure)
Basic Source Control Provider
Build Progress Bar
C++ Text Speaker
EWS Java API 1.2
Canonical REST Entity Service
Caret Fish Eye
Cleanup Workflow History
Code Sweep
Completion Tooltip Customization
Composing WPF DataGrid Column Templates for a Better User Experience
CQRS on Windows Azure
Create custom layouts for web part pages in SharePoint 2010
Creating Adjacent Windows In Outlook
Designer View Over XML Editor
Diff Classifier Sample
Direct2D SDK Sample: MSAA Rendering
Downloading stock prices, divs and splits in F# (with .NET client)
Editor Toolwindow
Employee Info Starter Kit
Excel 2010: Technical Articles: Code Samples
Excel 2010: Visual How Tos: Code Samples
Fernando Henrique I. B. Ferreira
Highlight Word Sample
Hyper-V Remote Management Configuration Utility
Intra-text Adornment Sample
IronPython Integration sample
IronPython Studio VS Shell Integrated
IronPython Studio VS Shell Isolated
LAgent: an agent framework in F#
Linq to SQL Join Example
Lissajous Animations in Silverlight
Mapping Entity with DataSet / DataTable / DataReader
Mathe Optionen für Visual Basic DLL
Microsoft® Surface® Bluetooth Connect Code Sample
Microsoft® Surface® Financial Services Code Sample
Microsoft® Surface® Live Stream Code Sample
Office 2010: Visual How Tos: Code Samples
Ook Language Integration
OQuery - Building OData query fragments without LINQ
Outlook 2010: Visual How Tos: Code Samples
PkgDef Editor Sample
PowerPoint 2010: Visual How Tos: Code Samples
Samples Environment for Microsoft Chart Controls
Samples Environment for Visual Studio 2010 ReportViewer Controls
Samples for Parallel Programming with the .NET Framework 4
SharePoint 2010: SDK: Code Samples
SharePoint 2010: Technical Articles: Code Samples
SharePoint 2010: Visual How Tos: Code Samples
SharePoint Thesaurus File Generator
Single File Generator
Single File Generator Sample Deep Dive
Smoke Test Feb Release
Solution for management of built-in Administrator account's password via GPO
Source Code Control Provider
Streaming Photo Data Service Sample
Test Redirect
Todo Classification
ToDoGlyphFactory Sample
Tracing and Caching Provider Wrappers for Entity Framework
Typing Speed Meter
UI Frontiers: Silverlight Printing Basics
Using the SQL Table Profile Provider in ASP.NET 4 Web Applications
VB Commenter
Visual Basic 2008 Samples
Visual C# 2008 Samples
Visual C# 2010 Samples
Visual Studio LightSwitch Samples
Visualization and Modeling SDK (DSL Tools) Lab
VS2010 Spell Checker Sample
VSSDK IDE Sample: Combo Box
VSSDK IDE Sample: Options Page
VSSDK IDE Sample: Running Document Table (RDT) Event Explorer
VSSDK IDE Sample: Tool Windows
VSSDK IDE Sample: Winforms Controls Installer
VSX Home on Code Gallery
WCF Service Fault and Validation Example
WF4 Batch Job Example
WF4 Optional InArgument Sample
WF4 Workflow Services / AppFabric Sample - Contoso HR
Windows 7 Navigation Application
Windows 7 Taskbar Single Instance
Windows Restart and Recovery Recipe
Word 2007: Visual How Tos: Code Samples
Word 2010: Visual How Tos: Code Samples
WPF and WF4 Together
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