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AddInSpy and AS are two variants of the same tool: a diagnostic tool for use both while developing an Office add-in, and also to troubleshoot issues with deployed add-ins. Note that the tool is unsupported. The tool discovers and reports a lot more information than is available through the Office UI natively. AddInSpy is a standalone WPF application, while AS is a scriptable console application. Both AddInSpy and AS are simple front-ends that share the AddInScanEngine.dll – this DLL contains all the main scanning functionality. The scan engine scans the registry for Office add-ins, and reports the following details:

  • Whether the host application is running, and whether the add-in is loaded.
  • The type of each add-in: VSTO, managed non-VSTO, native.
  • FriendlyName, ProgID, CLSID and LoadBehavior of the add-in.
  • Manifest path, assembly path, and assembly strongname.
  • Registry hive (HKCU or HKLM) where the add-in is registered.
  • CLR version the add-in was built against.
  • VSTO runtime version used by the add-in.
  • Installed date, and publish version.
  • Which extensibility interfaces the add-in implements for Ribbon, custom taskpane, etc (including via VSTO wrappers).
  • Whether the add-in exposes itself for automation through the COMAddIns collection of the Office host application.
  • Whether the add-in is in the disabled items list for the current user, for each selected Office host application.
  • Whether the add-in is registered as the provider for any custom form regions.
  • Context information: machine name, user/domain name, OS details, VSTO environment variables.

Reports can be displayed in a grid on-screen and can also be logged to an XML file for printing.

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