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Business Connectivity Services is a powerful component in SharePoint 2010 that helps you to bring external data and services into the familiar UX of SharePoint and Office. The component is available in both SharePoint Server and SharePoint Foundation releases. If you're using Visual Studio 2010 to author the BDC model and deploy to or make it deployable to SharePoint Foundation, a feature event receiver is required to be included in the BDC Model project. (Deploy to SharePoint Server works out of box.)

The code sample here shows the feature event receiver that is required in order to publish Business Data Connectivity Model projects to SharePoint Foundation 2010 with Visual Studio 2010.

This blog post here (link to be added) has the detailed instructions on how to use the sample code within BDC project in VS and the necessary configurations to make publish successful.

For more information about BCS, please check out BCS Overview on MSDN.
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