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"Software is providing power, but software has got to provide simplicity. And that's why our investment levels are going up in the toughest problems: Security, privacy, speech recognition, video recognition - and all of those things we will fold into this platform. "

BIO: Born in the City of Santiago de Cuba, Cuba. Johann Rodriguez stands the tests of time. On a very poor wooden black house about to collapse. At the age of four years old his parents moved to the City of Havana, Cuba to a small town called Alamar on the east side near the sea. That's where he attended kindergarten and school until the age of fifteen. Shortly after that he migrated to the U.S. to live with his grandma sister and mother. Though times as he recalls when he first arrived at the Miami International Airport. ( I remember seen lights all over the place and so many cars rolling down Jejune Road I thought I was in a movie.) Computer engineer and entrepreneur, born in Santiago de Cuba, Cuba. At age 15 he constructed a device to control traffic patterns in Havana, Cuba in 1993. co-wrote a compiler for XML (Extensive Markup Language) Later thrown out of Miami-Senior-High-School in 1995 and sent to and opportunity school Miami-Douglas-MacArthur-South-High-School in 1996 to later be hired by Miami-Dade-County-Public-Schools and spent his time writing and teaching computer programs. In 2002, he founded Cyber Space Universe to develop and extend the world of web-page-design. When in 2003 at Miami-Dade-College he created many web teachers profiles, his company took a giant step forward; by 2004 he had licensed web-sites to more than 100 vendors, making it a dominant operating code system. Currently developing sites with Microsoft Office Live Small Business.
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