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Calculation of Efficiency using Microsoft Solver Foundation 

Jul 10 2009 at 4:03 PM
Hi All,

Is it possible to calculate Efficiency of different Business Units on the basis some inputs and output using Microsoft Solver Foundation?

Following is the sample data for which efficiency needs to calculate.
Each row here represent the details of each Business Units.
1st column "Location" contains the location of business unit
2nd & 3rd columns "Personal" & "Business" are the outputs
4th column "Staff" is the input.

Location Personal Business Staff
Croydon 125 50 18
Dorking 44 20 16
Redhill 80 55 17
Reigate 23 12 11

In MS Excel, there is a add-in named as "Solver" that can be used to calculate the efficiency. For that we need to add the weighted output, weighted input and some more columns to meet the requirement of Solver add-in.

I believe some thing similar should be existing with Microsoft Solver Foundation, and can be calculate the efficiency programatically.

you all are requested to provide your thoughts on the same...

An earlier reply will be appreciated.

Anuj Chauhan

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