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serial port close hangs in compact frame work 3.5 

Dec 18 2009 at 1:03 PM

I have developed the applciation for windows mobile 5.0 and .net compact framework 2.0 sp2. This applciation communicates to the hardware device using serial port. This application works fine in windows mobile 5.0 based PDA's. I have handled data received event to get the data from serial port.

But when I run my application on windows mobile 6.1 and .net compact frame work 3.5, my applciation hangs on serial port close API call. There are many work arounds mentioned in the .net comapct framework blog like (closing the com port on different thread, opening the port in the begining of the application and close once applciation exists, polling for data instead of event handling), but nothing is working consistently.

This issue is very critical please help me out.

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