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Windows 7 - Drive Created With Subst (dos command) and execution of .exe file [..or The Specified path does not exist] 

Apr 14 2010 at 7:27 AM
Hi everyone!

I encountered the following program in windows 7 @work. I'm trying to execute a .exe file (writen in C++) inside a drive that is created with subst command (maps a hard disks's folder C: to another drive]. When i try to execute the file at first, the program did not work properly so i used the troubleshooting compatibility and i paste it in my desktop. I have checked that this file should be run as 'Administrator' and then i checked that the program was working in windows XP Service Pack 3. Everything was OK, but when i tried to execute the same file inside the drive D (which maps a folder from the drive C) i get the following error:

"D:\.path to .exe file
The specified path does not exist.

Check out the path, and then try again."

Because the specific drive has parameters that connects to a database i cannot change the location of the file so do i have to check some administrative priviledges? How can i fix this issue in order to work in the drive created with subst command?

Best Regards,


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