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does MicroSoft Solver Foundation support Min and Max operators? 

Aug 3 2010 at 6:50 PM
I am using Microsoft Solver Foundation v2.1 standard edition.
It seems, Solver Foundation does not support Min and Max operators. Do you think so?
These operators are listed in OML (Optimization Modeling Language)
I copied following two expressions from MSF-OML Syntax.docx, and declared those x, y, z, mi, k as variables, so, there should be no syntax error.
Maxx, y, 2 == z
MaxForeach[{i, 5}, m[i]]==k

But, system still gives following error message: Error: Expression can not be converted to Term, Espression: Maxx, y, 2 Verify that references to the modified item have been updated.

I want to use Min and Max operators to find the Minimum and maximum value for an array. This array has decision variables involved. If Solver Foundation does not support Min and Max operators, do you have any other idea to finish such operations?
Many thanks in advance

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