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ActiveX control displays BIG RED X in PowerPoint slide view 

Dec 6 2010 at 7:06 AM
I have made a user control using and made the control as COM interop along with COM visible true. It built & registered by "regasm" successfully. My control is visible in power point 2010 under "More Controls" option and can able to add it in slide. The problem is after embedding the control in slide (in design time) a red color "X" sign display inside the control instead of the actual visual appearance of user control. but when i start slide show, the User Control display its own interface (GUI) and when i stop slide show again the interface disappear & display red "X" sign. How do i correct this problem & try to provide sample code if possible??

Also have a thread in office for developer forum,

Office Version: Office 2010
Operating System:Windows XP
Visual Studio : 2008
Working Framework : 3.5
Using Language : C#

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