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Are there templates available for creating a Wiki page?

There are no templates for creating a Wiki page. If you already have a Wiki page, you can simply do Copy and Paste to post your contents here.
You can also review the design from other pages to see how you want to create yours. For example, the Temple of VB page is an example of a well designed Wiki.

Temple of VB
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Mark wrote  Feb 28 2008 at 9:28 PM  
So in theory we can use this to create multiple wiki page templates (e.g. each with different/unique headlined areas) and then allow the user to select the type of new wiki page they wish create, correct? Kinda like sub-master pages for a wiki? And if the (sub) "master page" was changed (i.e. a new headline area was added) that change would grandfather back to any pages of that type? Assuming this is possible, what are some of the challenges and considerations?

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