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Custom FxCop Implementation

Most of the people are aware of FxCop Code Analysis Tool 1.35 of Microsoft. It provides us with automation of code review process and ensures that our code adhers to Standard Specifications thereby ensuring code delivered is of utmost quality.

The default FxCop Rules provides us with a vast library of Rules prescribed by Microsoft. Here there is no provision of checking variable naming convention and control variable convention in a customized manner which varies from project to project. By Customized manner I mean, there is an accompanying config file where you configure the conventions according to your requirements giving complet Flexibility.

Here I have made an attempt to add new rule sets to check variable naming conventions in a project. This will really help projects to automate their code review process.

Please check out in the downloads section, Release of the Custom Rules Dll.


Amit M Agarwal
Mastek Ltd
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