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NOTE: An updated version of this tool is available to be used with Expression Encoder 4 SP2.

Pro users only.

The Live Performance Tool for Expression Encoder 4 Pro with SP1 will allow you to test your computer's ability to encode in real-time and optimize your encode settings for live broadcasting jobs. The tool will archive a live file source in real time using the preset specified as a starting point. It will run against this preset on your machine until it meets the acceptance criteria specified and, if necessary, will remove streams to create a preset that will work on your system. We also provide a console application to assist in automating the testing or deploying on multiple machines.

You can also test the performance of GPU-accelerated encoding with NVIDA CUDA boards.

To install:

Install Expression Encoder 4 Pro with SP1.
Unzip package to your desktop
Open the Expression Encoder Live Perf Tool folder. This folder will contain the GUI and console tools and a readme. You can use these tools from any folder locally on the machine with Expression Encoder installed.

For more information on Live IIS Smooth Streaming, check out the Expression Encoder blog -

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