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The ADO.NET Entity Framework Extensions library includes utilities that make querying stored procedures, creating typed results from DB data readers and state tracking external data much easier in the Entity Framework. A sample application demonstrates several patterns using these utilities, including stored procedures with multiple result sets, materialization of CLR types, and registering entities in the Entity Framework state manager.


Utilities are included to simplify:

  • Execution of store commands via the ObjectContext.
  • Connection lifetime management.
  • State management of entities from external sources.
  • Materialization of arbitrary CLR types given a data reader or DB command.
  • Stored procedure mapping:
    • Multiple result sets.
    • Column renames, polymorphic results and nested structures via the materialization service.
  • Getting and setting key values for entity references.
  • Rewrite InvocationExpressions in LINQ queries and expressions.

This updated version of the extensions library targets Visual Studio 2010. Changes include:

  • Removal of the EntitySet<T> class since its functionality is mostly subsumed by the shipping ObjectSet<T> class. The FindOrAttach and GetTrackedEntities instance methods have been rewritten as extension methods.
  • Removal of the Zip helper method which is now included in the standard LINQ library (System.Linq.Enumerable class).
  • Removal of the ExpressionVisitor class which is now included in the standard LINQ library (System.Linq.Expressions namespace).


Visual Studio 2010 is required for the current release of EFExtensions
Click on All Releases to find a version that will work with VS 2008 SP1

Other resources

The following post introduces the EFExtensions API and includes a walkthrough of the sample application:

For additional information on multiple result sets and relationships, see:

For additional information on InvocationExpression rewriting, see:
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