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how can I arrange this sample for another Oracle DB? 

Dec 16 2010 at 3:03 PM
i tried to install and execute, and it seems to work. In the output window I read some generated SQL queryes (eg: SELECT
"Extent1"."CategoryID" AS "CategoryID",
"Extent1"."CategoryName" AS "CategoryName",
"Extent1"."Description" AS "Description",
"Extent1"."Picture" AS "Picture"
FROM "Categories" "Extent1"
WHERE ("Extent1"."CategoryID" = :p_linq_2) AND (ROWNUM <= (1) ))
but what I expect to find is some interactive environment where I could set parameters and see query results displayed. Nothing of that happened. Please can anybody explain how does it work?
Another question: how can I fit this sample to my Database? I tried to create WPF application with Visual Basic; then I tried to create a Entity Data Model, but I could not get to connect the .edmx file to my Oracle DB, because I just can see SQL Server Drivers!

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