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Can't get it to work. 

Jul 6 2009 at 12:09 PM
I've created an extremely simple database, with 3 tables: Users, Products and a many-to-many table called Orders. Something like this:

Users 1 ----- * Orders * ------ 1 Products

Then I create the edmx, and I call the relationship ends "Ordered" and "OrderedBy" respectively. From the edxm I get the csdl and the other 2 files. Then I generate the adapter and the proxies, all fine. I also let the generator create the poco classes. User has an IList of Products called "Ordered", and Product has an IList of User called "OrderedBy".

I put everything together and it compiles. But when I run a simple create user test, I keep getting this error:

Test method EFPOCO.Test.EFPOCOTest.TestMethod1 threw exception: System.ArgumentException: Metadata information for the relationship 'Ordered' could not be retrieved. Make sure that the EdmRelationshipAttribute for the relationship has been defined in the assembly.
Parameter name: relationshipName.

But this is rather strange, since my adapter, proxies and POCO are generated from the metadata files... seems kind of senseless. Or maybe I'm doing something wrong?

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