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Updated release posted for VS2010 Beta2 

Nov 23 2009 at 9:30 PM
The EFQuerySamples for VS2010 Beta2 release includes the following updates
  • Added several model defined functions to the conceptual model
  • Extended the ObjectContext to expose model defined functions in Linq to Entities
  • Added additional query samples for the following areas:
    • Calling user defined functions in Entity SQL
    • Using GroupPartition in Entity SQL
    • OrderBy lifting in Linq to Entities queries
    • Using Contains (on sequences) in Linq to Entities queries
    • Calling functions in Linq to Entities queries
  • Replaced the MDF file with a .sql script to create and populate the NorthwindEF database. This script supports SQL Server 2000, where the MDF only worked on later versions of SQL Server.
  • Updated the project files for VS 2010 Beta2.

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