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The Project Server 2007 Report Pack II - published in August 2009 - provides reports that can be run in your EPM environment and enable easier access to EPM information that organization can leverage to help effectively monitor usage of your EPM system. Documentation includes guidance on setting up and customizing the reports in the report pack.

The report pack provides source files that will build on SQL Server Reporting Services 2005. The project may also be upgraded using SQL Server tools to build on SQL Server Reporting Services 2008. The Developers Reference included with the report pack includes technical information that will help developers make a few adjustments that are necessary for some of the reports to run successfully on SQL Server Reporting Services 2008.

A highlight for EPM IT Professionals is the new Administration Dashboard which provides EPM system profile information in a concise two page report. It is intended to give EPM administrators an overall sense of the amount of data in the system. Hyperlinks in the report bring up additional system profile information. There are 25 sub-reports that associated with the Administration Dashboard report. Breaking out EPM system profile information into these smaller sub-reports helps to keep the Administration Dashboard manageable to review at a glance. Each of the 25 sub-reports focuses on EPM system profile information in a different area.

The "original" Project Server Report Pack is part of the Project 2007 SDK (referenced below) and shows the basics using the Reporting DB in Project Server 2007 and answers the questions on "HOW" to build reports. This Project Server 2007 Report Pack II - "The Top Reports" addresses questions "WHAT" reports and "WHY". It has been built by top Microsoft Consultants who deploy and enhance the EPM solution for individual customers and thus contains very valuable know-how that they have collected over the years. Enjoy!

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