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ElementaryExtensions is general purpose .NET targeted library which proposes some interesting ideas and techniques. It contains a set of miscellaneous helpers for different routine operations. All APIs are represented mainly by ElementaryExtensions namespace and are supplied in a set of managed assemblies (modules of the following filename pattern: ElementaryExtensions.*.dll).

Besides the APIs, library pack also contains a set of auxiliary batches, scripts and templates which may be found helpful for somebody.

This is an incomplete list of directions which the library supports (or tries to cover):
  • Clean Result Idea and advanced exception handling technique
  • Simple Console UI (teletype mode only) represented by Simple Console API
  • Set of miscellaneous helpers (multipurpose character):
    • General Operations
    • Alternative Value Parsing
    • Advanced Tracing
    • Some File Operations
    • Simple Text Manipulations
    • Additional Support for Arrays and Collections
    • Beeper API
    • et cetera
For more information navigate to ElementaryExtensions home page:
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