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SharePoint Filter Webparts including:

- BDC MultiFilter: Similar to the BDC Data Item Builder web part provided with MOSS 2007 Enterprise Edition, except it provides up to 4 additional filter connections containing BDC entity attributes to allow display of more entity-related data
- ShowFilter: Diagnostic display of any filter connected
- ShowFilterMap: Displays a Virtual Earth map when passed a filter containg a street address
- ShowFilterSearch: Displays MOSS search results when passed a filter connection containing a search query

In addition to being very useful in creating dashboards and business entity workspaces, these web parts demonstrate the following:

- How to access BDC data via the MOSS API's
- How to provide and consumer Filter connections
- How to provide multiple Filter connections from the same web part using a helper object
- How to include JavaScript in your web part (used to retrieve the Virtual Earth map in the ShowMapView web part)

NOTE: I wrote these web parts in my spare time, and have a day job. The web parts are not supported. Although I very much appreciate knowing about any problems you may encounter, and will probably eventually try to fix them, if you need quick turn-around I suggest engaging a SharePoint developer who can maintain the source code on a schedule that you find acceptable. Thanks!
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