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VFP Runtime Installer


If you don't want to mess around with obscure installer packages and just want to get your VFP programs to run...

Then just download my ready-to-go installers and execute it on the target PC! After that you just need to copy your EXE and it will run. The installer takes care of all necssary components VFP will need. Sidenote: If you are using some nonstandard ActiveX controls or libraries: that's your own business ;)

I have created several releases for the different VFP versions, they include all the necessary files to get any Windows-PC (starting with Win98) to be VFP-ready. They include all components to get a regular VFP application up and running, including XML2, GDIPlus and all available Hotfixes (at the time of creation, which was October 2009)

You'll find another alternate download location at www.FoxPert.com


Runtime Binary VFP9 with SP2 and all Hotfixes (Rev 7423)
runtime binary, 12537K, uploaded Aug 7 2010  - 77317 downloads
Runtime Binary VFP8 with SP1 (Rev. 3117)
runtime binary, 10784K, uploaded Aug 7 2010  - 18796 downloads
Runtime Binary VFP7 with SP1 (Rev. 9465)
runtime binary, 9853K, uploaded Aug 7 2010  - 19181 downloads
Runtime Binary VFP6 with SP5 (Rev. 8862)
runtime binary, 6033K, uploaded Aug 7 2010  - 22741 downloads

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