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Project Description
Add License Validation, Product Activation, and Installation Keys to your .Net based application. Prevent casual copying and keep your customers honest. Similar to Microsoft style product activation where the product key is validated against the machine specific identifiers and validated against an internet server. Supports server based creation, maintenance and validation of install key codes.

  • Uses 30 character install keys made up of unambiguous capital letters and numbers. This helps to make keys easy to read and enter by end users.
  • Data entry key validation. This helps to catch data entry errors before validating the Install Key against the server and can be used to distinguish between two keys for two different products.
  • Key validation against a central server. Validating an install key against a server should prove to be harder to bypass, as well as providing a mechanism to revoke rogue keys.
  • Server validation is only required once. A tamper-proof surety file that is specific to the machine where the installation occurs can be validated again at any time, without another round trip to the license server.
  • Unique key usage counting. Key usage counting is done by comparing machine specific hardware identifiers.
  • Your application specific license properties can be embedded within the tamper-proof surety file. These properties can be retrieved at any time after validation, and do not require a connection to the license server.
  • Custom Data can be securely passed to and from the server during validation. Custom data can be securely retrieved at any time after validation without a round trip to the server.
  • Validation can be performed with or without an internet connection.
  • Written in Visual Studio 2005 and based on .Net 2.0. This should allow this product to also be used with Visual Studio 2008 and .Net 3.0, 3.5.
  • Database backend can be either SQL Server 2005 or SQL Express 2005.

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