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This is the Silverlight 1.0 Page Turn example found on but adds scaling, web analytics, deep links to pages, and IE8 back/forth navigation.
Europe 1992 Journal is a Silverlight application that shows a journal that I kept in 1992 in Europe. Read this article to learn how to add the deep linking and IE8 Browser forward/back navigation.
Journal page Turning Application


The application scales to the extents of the browser window. See Journalist.Page._Resize() for details.


The Silverlight version and each page view is tracked. See Analytics.js for details.

Backwards/Forwards History Navigation

Just like other web pages, a new features in IE8 (beta) makes it possible to navigate the site like separate pages. See NavigationManager.js for details.

Deep Linking

Each page is directly linkable and the page title and URL change in the browser when paging in the application. An example of a deep-linked page is
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