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Cannot install upgrade on a x64 server 

Feb 26 2009 at 6:14 PM

Hi, when I try to install the patch I get an error saying that the program to be upgraded is either missing or the upgrade may require a different version of the program. I have .NET 3.5 installed on a x64 server with SP1 and all latest patches. However the VS studio 2008 is running in 32-bit mode, including the built-in web server which I use for debugging. Therefore the 32-bit version of the DLLs must be installed as well. The current version I have on my machine of the System.Web is 2.0.50727.3082. Is there anything else I need to install before running the patch? Should I run both installers?

As a reference, I keep getting this error when I compile the web app:

Compiler Error Message: CS0030: Cannot convert type 'WebPortalMasterPage' to 'ASP.masterpagemaster'

Source Error:

Line 145: public new ASP.masterpage_master Master {
Line 146: get {
Line 147: return ((ASP.masterpage_master)(base.Master));
Line 148: }
Line 149: }

Also, as a side note, is there a fix for generating the ProfileCommon.cs inside the web app? It took me a great deal of effor to fix this issue, since the ASP compiler inserts on the fly a Profile member in the page class, yet no .cs files are generated which makes is impossible to complie in VS. The Website project on the other hand generates the ProfileCommon.cs.


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