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Discussions for KB947751 - Context Menu Slow to appear in Solution Explorer with 100+ projects
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Jul 30 2010
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First post: Babak wrote: Hi, I have Microsoft Visual Studio 2008 (Professional Edition, Ver. 9.0.21022.8, .NET ver 3.5 SP1, running on Vista) and have the same problem (slow context menu when working with Visual...
Latest post: TheBeagle wrote: It's working for me now. Either it worked even as the installer reported a failure or I fixed it when I was playing with the windows compatibilty mode (though those attempts seemed to fa...
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Latest post:
Jan 10 2010
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First post: gustavg wrote: it appears, after I installed this hotfix on VS2008, the debugger didn't stop in the breakpoints I set, it comes to my mind that I'm working using Windows 7 and maybe it hasn't been teste...
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