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A Hotfix is a product update package with one or more updated product files that fix a specific product problem.


Please be aware this Hotfix has not gone through full Microsoft product regression testing nor has it been tested in combination with other Hotfixes.

Please carefully review the associated Hotfix KB article to verify the fix is the one needed and there are no known compatibility or installation issues. You may also want to contact a Microsoft Support Professional at

Issue Description

FIX: A triggered build does not occur after the build frequency interval elapses in Microsoft Visual Studio 2008 Team Foundation Server

In Microsoft Visual Studio 2008 Team Foundation Server, a triggered build does not occur after you check in the changes that trigger the build, and the build frequency interval elapses.

This problem occurs when the interval is 60 minutes or longer.

Note The practice of creating a triggered build is known as continuous integration.

This problem occurs because of a bug in a Microsoft SQL Server stored procedure that is called when the interval elapses.

Additional Information about the issue resolved by this Hotfix can be found in its Knowledge Base article at

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