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This page acts as a supplement to the information contained in the MSDN Library. Here you will find white papers, code samples, PowerPoint presentations, links to videos and 3rd-party content, and other resources about this technology that are relevant to developer concerns.

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Downloads and Samples

Windows API CodePack for Microsoft .NET (
The Windows API CodePack provides full access to the entire shell data programming model including Libraries, Shell Items, Shell Folders, Properties and Search.

Windows 7 Libraries .NET Interop Sample Library ( The Windows 7 Libraries .NET Interop Sample Library is a managed code sample library that enables developers targeting the .NET Framework to programmatically work with the Windows taskbar. The Windows 7 Libraries .NET Interop Sample Library includes full support of all the native Windows taskbar APIs but in a standard programming model for the .NET Framework.

Conference Presentations

PDC16: Windows 7: Empower users to find, visualize and organize their data with Libraries and the Explorer (
David Washington, Program Manager, Microsoft
Learn how you can enable a familiar experience for users and light up your application by using the Windows Search API and Library API and File Dialog. Also learn how you can integrate your web service with Windows search by using the OpenSearch standard without writing any client code. Master how to provide a rich experience for your data type in the Windows 7 Explorer with metadata, thumbnails, verbs and previews.


Windows 7: Find and Organize Part 1 - The User Experience (
David Washington and Paul Gusmorino demonstrate the key enhancements in Windows 7 to finding and organizing your files. David and Paul show off the ways that the team has simplified the Windows Explorer, the new libraries feature, which is a virtual collection of your music, photos, and video, wherever they may be, including on multiple machines. You'll also see how to use the Library pane to easily find and filter your data.

Windows 7: Find and Organize Part 2 - Building Federated Search applications (
David Washington and Brandon Paddock show how developers can build federated search applications that enable you to easily search your organization's intranet or the Web and integrate those search results directly into Windows Explorer. The best part is that instead of needing to install software on Windows 7 to get new search providers, you simply run an XML configuration file to add a search provider to your machine!
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