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Get class functions by name

            CodeClass myClass;
            var myFunctions = myClass.GetFunctionsByName("MyFunction");

Get class public functions

            CodeClass myClass;
            var myPublicFunctions = myClass.GetFunctionsByVisibility(vsCMAccess.vsCMAccessPublic);

Get class virtual functions

            CodeClass myClass;
            var myVirtualFunctions = myClass.GetFunctionsByModifier(FunctionModifier.Virtual);

Get functions attributes with a name starting with...

            CodeFunction myFunction;
            var myAttributes = 
                    attribute => attribute.Name.StartsWith("BrowsableAttribute", StringComparison.OrdinalIgnoreCase));

Get interface properties with attributes

            CodeInterface myInterface;
                .Where(property => property.Attributes.Count >0);

More to come..
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