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Visio Shapes for Microsoft CRM 3.0


Announcing Invoke Systems Microsoft CRM 3.0 Shapes for Microsoft Visio. When doing any Microsoft CRM development effort, Project Managers will need to work with our clients to gather requirements and design solutions within Microsoft CRM. Typically a large part of this effort is to develop a Functional Design Document or Vision Document that describes exactly what we are going to build on the Microsoft CRM Platform. These documents typically include screen mockups of what the final UI may look like. The process of creating these mockups can be very time consuming, but the results are well worth the effort.

To make this process easier we developed a set of 29 custom Visio shapes, that when used in conjunction with other Visio Windows XP User Interface shapes, allow our Project Managers to quickly and easily design mock CRM UI screens that meet almost any client requirement.


Source Code Invoke_Systems_-_Visio_Shapes_for_CRM_3.0.zip
source code, 402K, uploaded Feb 9 2008  - 5098 downloads

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