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Easily create animation that is synchronized with video in Siverlight and then upload the combination to Microsoft's Free Silverlight Streaming Service.
To see this in action, take a look at

This site is a demonstration of what is possible with Silverlight and demonstrates how to use various technologies in combination with eachother - a Synergy. Over a series of blog posts and webcasts, I will be using this site to teach about Silverlight. The source code for this site will be posted on CodePlex.

Start with the Designer to create your own media overlay and upload it to Silverlight Streaming.

Here are some of the technologies and concepts that this site demonstrates:

Microsoft Silverlight
Controlling Animation
Controlling Video
Handling Media Events
Creating Media Timeline Markers
Creating user interfaces from various XAML parts
Control styling in Silverlight 1.0
Using Web Analytics with Silverlight
Manipulating Video and Animation on a single timeline
Scriptable Web Services created with Windows Communications Foundation
Using Photos from Windows Live Spaces
Windows Live Silverlight Streaming Service
ASP.Net Futures Xaml server control
ASP.Net Futures Media server control.

This is Silverlight 1.0 code that shows how to create animation that is synchronized with video.
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