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A majority of VSPackages are created to accept user interactions. Users generally “communicate” with packages through menus and toolbars. Visual Studio uses the concept of commands for actions that can be initiated by users from the UI (by menu or toolbar items).
This reference sample in the VS SDK introduces how to create and handle commands and bind them with the menu items. After reading this paper you will get familiar with the following concepts:
What is behind the idea of menu items, commands and command targets?
What is the so-called command table and how to define it?
How can commands be handled (executed) in the code?
How to create dynamic behavior for commands?
To understand concepts treated here it is assumed that you are familiar with the idea of VSPackages and you know how to build and register very simple (even non-functional) packages. To get more information about packages, please take a look at the Package Reference Sample (C# Reference.Package sample).
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