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This short sample shows how to bind multiple fields from a table (like first and last name) to a ComboBox in a WPF application. This is a pretty common pattern as one would usually store those values in different fields in a table but wants to show them together in the running application. The trick in this example is to nest a TextBlock in the ComboBox which can be used to bind multiple values to (through the Multibinding Class).

Multibinding in WPF.png

Additional Resources
WPF - Data Binding Overview
How do I bind multiple values to a ComboBox in a Windows Forms application (e.g First/Last Name)?

The examples were created using Visual Basic 2008 Express/Visual C# 2008 Express.


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P.S.: Please let me mw know if this code was helpful or not. If not, I’d appreciate if you could tell me what you were expecting. Thanks very much!
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