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This is extension to the
Where we have only one Service and one contract IService.

Little bit of background info about the WCFServiceLibrary
WCF Is a simple Service Library. Created as a WCF service library.
By default you will have CompositeType class as part of the service I moved the CompositeType class into CompositeType.cs file and then Added a HTTPBasicBinding in App.Config. Modified the baseAddress
Changed the <behavior name="ServiceBehavior1"> name.

Here in this part..
Created one more contract which we wann to expose IEmployeeService though the same service. ServiceLibrary.Service

Its simple to do..
Just create a class to implement the contract (IEmployeeService) as a partial class to the already existing service as shown below
public partial class Service : IEmployeeService
And add an end point as shown below.
<endpoint address="EmpBasic"
contract="ServiceLibrary.IEmployeeService" />

For more information Please donwload the code and observe the APP.CONFIG files.
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