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These samples demonstrate a simple Office Business Application used by the new Northwind Traders that includes versions for both Visual Studio 2008 Service Pack 1 and Visual Studio 2010. It follows the workflow of accepting purchase orders through email all the way to shipping. It shows how to expose LOB data using Data Services as well as interact with it in Outlook, Word, Excel and SharePoint.

This is a work in progress that folows the following article series:

Building an Office Business Application
OBA Part 1 - Exposing Line-of-Business Data
OBA Part 2 - Building an Outlook Client against LOB Data

We will be building onto this sample in the weeks to come. Currently it shows how to expose LOB data to an Outlook Add-in.

This sample uses the Northwind sample database you can download here. The sample contains a database project that includes change scripts to add EmailAddress to customers and employees tables so please make sure you run those before attempting to run the sample. You may also need to update the connection string located in the Web.config of the NorthwindDataService project.
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