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Hua-Rong-Dao package


Hua-Rong-Dao setup package - copy Setup.cab file to your mobile device or device emulator and install it from the device. Please make sure to read the HRD-HelpDoc-EN.doc or HRD-HelpDoc-CN.doc (for Chinese) firstly to know more about the setup steps. Thanks!
HRD-HelpDoc-EN.doc is the English version help document of this sample and HRD-HelpDoc-CN.doc is the Chinese version.


Runtime Binary HRD-Setup.cab
runtime binary, 495K, uploaded May 26 2008  - 714 downloads
Documentation HRD-HelpDoc-CN.doc
documentation, 1151K, uploaded May 26 2008  - 1068 downloads
Documentation HRD-HelpDoc-EN.doc
documentation, 1152K, uploaded May 26 2008  - 443 downloads
Source Code HRD-Code.zip
source code, 622K, uploaded May 26 2008  - 2615 downloads

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