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Sample SharePoint web parts and field control using Silverlight.

This sample includes the following:

1. Hello World Silverlight web part - dead simple web part displays text provided in the Web Part editing panel, shows a minimal Silverlight web part and how to pass a message via the InputParams.
2. PictureView web part - displays a slide show of the pictures in an image library. Shows how to pass XML data (the library contents) to Silverlight using a hidden INPUT element on the page.
3. TestWS web part - dead simple web part calls a custom web service
4. Minisurvey web part - displays a 1-question survey. When a user answers the question, they see the latest results. Uses a custom web service to post the response and get up-to-date results. Remembers respondents by setting a browser cookie
5. Video field control - displays a video in a WCM field control. Allows selection and preview of the video when editing the page (or page properties). Shows how to package site data (for selecting the video - a list of libraries and documents in a lib as the user browses to select a video) and, using a common class, pass initial data to Silverlight in a hidden field, and receive updates via a custom web service.

This is a PRELIMINARY version for those who attend my talk at the SPTech Boston 2009. Known issues:

- Error checking is limited
- Hello world web part does not check for special characters (such as ",") in the display string; this will cause an error
- Minisurvey has no accomodation for changing the question and answer choices after the survey has begun

To build this you will need:

- VSeWSS 1.3 CTP - Visual Studio Extensions for WSS
- SPDEV - tool to modify .wsdl and .disco files so a custom web service can be deployed to a SharePoint web application. Download from; put the SPDev.exe in the root of your solution (next to the .sln file)
- Create your own .snk files to sign your assembly, and fix the public key in manifest.xml (I did not include my .snk files in Code Gallery)
- MOSS 2007 (not tested with WSS, it might work)

Watch this space for improvements/updates.

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