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Common Solutions for T-SQL Problems

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What are the Rules of Conduct expected on the Forums?

How To Examples of Selected T-SQL Programming Constructs

Data Related Queries
Audit or Bypass Trigger Execution
Alternatives To SQL Server Cursors
Create a Comma Delimited List from a Column in a Table
Create and Use A Numbers Table
Control Return Results by Range
Delete All Data From All User Tables In A Database
Exploring Recursive Common Table Expressions (CTE)
Find and/or Delete Duplicate Rows in a Table
Find Rows of Data Between Two Dates
Find First Available Timeslot for Scheduling
Find the Missing Parts of a List of Requirements
Implementation of DDL Trigger in SQL Server 2005
Increment an AlphaNumeric Value
Lock a Stored Procedure for Single Use Only
Query an Object Whose Result Set Depends Upon the Lack of Data In Another Object
Pass and Handle a Delimited String similar to handling an Array() of Values
PIVOT Data Using T-SQL
Rank Values in Groups
Search all or partial columns without Dynamic SQL while avoiding SQL Injection
Search all or partial columns with Dynamic SQL while avoiding SQL Injection
SELECT TOP n by Group

Maintenance Queries
Automate Backups in SQL Express
Detach All User Databases
Find Last BackUp Date Of All Databases On Your Server
Find Long Running Agent Jobs
Find the TOP n Longest Running Procedures (or Queries), Ordered by Total Impact on Server
Performing Common Maintenance Tasks in SQL Express
Transfer Logins to Another Server

Best Practices and Guidelines
Best practices , Design and Development guidelines for Microsoft SQL Server

SQL Server Maintenance
Automating Common DBA Tasks
Configuring SQL Server 2000 Notification with CDOSys
Configuring SQL Server 2005/2008 Database Mail
Log file growth in SQL Server
Monitor free space in the database files
Monitor free space on the server hard disks
Monitor the SQL Server Error Log
Monitor long running SQL Agent Jobs
Monitor failed SQL Agent Jobs
Monitor Service Status
Monitor System Event Logs
Monitor Running Process Information
Transfer Jobs and Logins using SSIS
Upgrading Steps to SQL Server 2005

SQL Server 2008
Manage unstructured data using FILESTREAM Feature in SQL Server 2008

How To Troubleshoot and Debug T-SQL Code
Troubleshoot Deadlocking in SQL Server.
Troubleshoot Deadlocking in SQL Server 2005 using Profiler.
Understanding the Anatomy of a Deadlock.
Using the SQL Server Profiler.

Writing Transact-SQL Statements Tutorial
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