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MSDN Support Wiki Contributor Guidelines

  • As much as possible, Wiki pages should demonstrate Best Practices in Problem and Objective definition, Naming conventions, Formatting, and Descriptive Comments, and always teach by example. Recognizing that we are all busy and sometimes in our haste we make mistakes and even overlook the obvious, please freely edit and ‘clean up’ anything that that ‘just doesn’t look right.
  • Any Submission may be altered, edited, or even removed by any Contibutor. If there is substaintial change, the Original Contributor should be consulted, if possible. We all accept that someone may alter our contribution -it is a contributory Wiki, after all.
  • All WIKI Page Submissions will have at the bottom, the Original Contributor's Name and Creation Date. Anyone adding significant material to an existing page may add their name adjacent to the new material added.
  • NO Copyrighted Material should be posted without consent and attribution, including, if appropriate, a link to the Original Source. A Contributor may freely post his/her own material, and by so doing provides the material under the provisions of the Microsoft Public License (see [License] tab Above). It is ‘best’ to not duplicate material from other sources –but to describe that source and provide a link. For example, a BOL excerpt may change, and if so, then the excerpt would be out of sync. Exceptions ‘might’ include practices that are long standing and/or ANSI standards. We don't want to create a ‘project’ that will require a lot of ongoing maintenance.
  • It is agreed that this Wiki is NOT to be a 'portal' to send Viewers to Advertiser driven sites. Links to External Sites that require User information, including login accounts, should be carefully considered for the 'value' of the material, as well as to Source's Privacy and Advertising Policies.
  • Suggested Solutions would be in desending SQL Server Version order; SQL 2008, SQL 2005, SQL 2000 -if the version is applicable to a Solution.
  • Wiki pages will not be published in a incomplete state. If a page is incomplete and still in developemnt, it should be kept from Public view until complete.

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