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These are samples that have been produced for the SQL Server Modeling CTP (formerly code name "Oslo") as well as its individuals technologies (the code name "M" modeling language, the code name "Quadrant" tool, and SQL Server Modeling Services).

"M" Language

  • Sample "M" Models: Enumerations, Queries, and Relationships: three sets of sample models that each demonstrate how to express certain concepts in "M".
  • Person Sample: demonstrates using a dynamically-parsed grammar to instantiate CLR objects using a simple domain-specific language (DSL).
  • Northwind Database in "M": includes schema models and data for Microsoft's ubiquitous Northwind sample database written in "M".
  • Windows Management Instrumentation (WMI) Models: demonstrates the expression of WMI through models written in "M".
  • Sample "M" Language Grammars
    • "A" Language: a simple Visual Basic-like language for composing model-view-controller applications from existing models and controllers.
    • "M" and "M" Languages: grammars for the "M" language itself, expressed in "M".
    • "Song" Language: grammar for a language called "Song", a simple means of describing basic musical notation, along with a simple runtime to play the melodies.
    • WIX Language: contains the grammar for the Windows Installer XML language, known as Wix ("wicks").


SQL Server Modeling Services

Multiple Technologies/Other

  • RouterManager for WCF in .NET 4: a domain-specific language and runtime that allows you to program the rules for the .NET 4.0 WCF content-based routing service using an easy to understand language.
  • Model-Driven WIX: demonstrates using a domain-specific language (DSL) written in the code name "M" language to simplify the process of creating Windows Installer (MSI) packages using the Windows Installer XML Language, known as Wix ("wicks").
  • Event Pattern Mesh: an end-to-end application that has been designed for detecting event patterns from real-time data feeds.
  • PhotoStore: an application that allows you to store information about your digital photographs in a database and to make this information selectively available to others.
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