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This content is no longer valid. For the latest information on "M", "Quadrant", SQL Server Modeling Services, and the Repository, see the Model Citizen Blog.

These are samples that have been produced for the SQL Server Modeling CTP (formerly code name "Oslo") as well as its individuals technologies (the code name "M" modeling language, the code name "Quadrant" tool, and SQL Server Modeling Services).

"M" Language


SQL Server Modeling Services

  • Sample Data for System.Identity: illustrates the usage of the System.Identity domain with data taken from the SQL Server Northwind sample database.
  • Pattern Application: consists of the PatternApplication model which is designed to use for applying the SQL Server Modeling Services repository’s standard patterns to a set of models using a convenient SQL script (instead of applying patterns to each model separately).
  • Pattern Manager: enables a user to view models that are currently installed in a database along with the patterns that have been applied to them. Through this application, a user can also install a new model to a database or apply different patterns to existing models within a database without writing any T-SQL.
  • Calculator Library: creates two simple CLR assemblies that are intended to demonstrate the features of the System_Runtime model, part of the CLR domain in SQL Server Modeling Services.
  • Hiring System: creates a .NET Framework class library that can be used as an input for the CLR and UML domains of Microsoft SQL Server Modeling Services.
  • DinnerNow Sample Assemblies and XMI: provide sample data for Walkthrough: Using the System_Runtime Domain and Walkthrough: Using the Microsoft.Uml2 Domain in the MSDN Library.

Multiple Technologies/Other

  • RouterManager for WCF in .NET 4: a domain-specific language and runtime that allows you to program the rules for the .NET 4.0 WCF content-based routing service using an easy to understand language.
  • Model-Driven WIX: demonstrates using a domain-specific language (DSL) written in the code name "M" language to simplify the process of creating Windows Installer (MSI) packages using the Windows Installer XML Language, known as Wix ("wicks").
  • Event Pattern Mesh: an end-to-end application that has been designed for detecting event patterns from real-time data feeds.
  • PhotoStore: an application that allows you to store information about your digital photographs in a database and to make this information selectively available to others.
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