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Proejct Description
This utility is used to change the DeletionService and Re-Indexing service jobs in CRM 4.0. You can set the next run date/time of a job as well as change the schedule at which the job will continue to run automatically.

Applies to:
- CRM 4 OnPremise and Service Provider Edition

Issue Tracking and Discussions
This resource is not intended to be a 'community' and therefore the Discussions feature has been disabled. Readers are invited to submit suggestions using the Issue Tracker - however please understand that this is not a forum to have questions answered. When adding Issues please add as much information (including screenshots) to assist me. If you have comments please feel free to contact me via e-mail through this site; or by posting a comment.

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NOTE: there is no official support (either through nor Microsoft) for this utility; if you have any issues use the issue tracker to log the problem.
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