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Proejct Description
This utility is used to change the DeletionService and Re-Indexing service jobs in CRM 4.0. You can set the next run date/time of a job as well as change the schedule at which the job will continue to run automatically.

Applies to:
- CRM 4 OnPremise and Service Provider Edition

Issue Tracking and Discussions
This resource is not intended to be a 'community' and therefore the Discussions feature has been disabled. Readers are invited to submit suggestions using the Issue Tracker. When adding Issues please add as much information (including screenshots) to assist me. If you have comments please feel free to contact me via e-mail through this site; or by posting a comment.

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- CRM 4.0 Security Role Utility (postponed - CRM 4 allows you to export and import roles out of the box). The 3.0 utility will function for the default organization and allow for exports from a given business unit.
- CRM 4.0 BulkDelete sample

- Browse via the "Releases" tab.

Other Resources
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NOTE: there is no official support for this utility (through nor via Microsoft); if you have any issues use the issue tracker to log the problem.
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