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ETW Format

This page describes the custom fields in ETW events generated by Scenario objects. The API page contains more about what these fields mean and how to set them. You can also see definitions of these fields in the files ScenarioManifest.xml (for Windows Vista and above) and ScenarioManifest.mof (for Windows XP).

Name Type Description
ComponentId int32 The value of the ComponentId property.
Ticks int64 The value of the Elapsed property, in DateTime ticks (1 tick = 100 nanoseconds, or 0.1 microseconds)
CpuTicks int64 The value of the ElapsedCpu property, in DateTime ticks (1 tick = 100 nanoseconds, or 0.1 microseconds). On Windows XP this field is always 0.
Size int64 The value of the Size property (a user-supplied number).
CorrelationId Guid The unique identifier for this Scenario.
SequenceNumber int32 The number of times that this Scenario has been started.
NestingLevel int32 The level to which this Scenario is nested (or 0 if not nested).
ParentCorrelationId Guid The unique identifier of the parent Scenario (or Guid.Empty)
ParentSequenceNumber int32 The sequence number of the parent Scenario.
Category string The value of the Category property (a user-supplied string).
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