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About a year ego I needed to sync between an application I had on my PC to an application on my Palm device and so I've written a library in C# that can read and write pdb (palm database) files.

Like many other projects I forgot about it and left it half complete. A few days ago I stumbled upon my old C# project directory and found it again. It seems a shame to loose code I've worked on and that could benefit my follow coders.

The PDB is combined from fourlogical part:

  • Header that describe the file properties and attributes.
  • Record list that defines the structure of the raw data.
  • Raw data block.
  • SortInfo and AppInfo blocks

In my code you can see the following:

  • PDBFile - class that represents an actual pdb file.
  • PDBHeader - has all header related information.
  • RecordList - contains all record related information and a collection of RecordEntry that contains the raw data information.
  • SortInfo & AppInfo - should have hold that information but I haven't implemented them yet.

More information on Palm OS File formats is available at:
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