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Error calculating a long hash code 

Sep 13 2010 at 9:08 PM
Hi guys,

I'm having some troubles with a string to get the correct MD5 hash. I'm using the v2 of the implementation.

If I try with the string "79910739bf594481e2e06fes4e2db78b0ffb6e365196f166dc1dd5d6", the hash that I get is "BDFA566B7DF0380EFB933A3EB4F6E863" but using others MD5 calculators I get this one "37772536a93d5e1b1e023d0ee177802e". The lenght of the string is 56 characters, I have read that this error was corrected in v2...

¿Any idea?

The online calculators that I've checked are:

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