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Create Silverlight Map Tool

An application that converts Mindjet MindManager Maps to Silverlight Streaming Applications.

Screen Shot of Silverlight Application

Image of Silverlight Application


Install via click-once

Interface to create a Silverlight Mind Map

Release Notes

  • 2008-07-03 Release 1.1
    • Converted to a WPF Application that builds with Visual Studio 2008.
    • Changed PUT to POST for uploading to Silverlight Streaming Service because of API change.

Future Directions

I have started creating a Mind Map Viewer/Editor using Silverlight 2 take a look here to see the progress.
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jdandison wrote  Jan 16 2009 at 6:57 PM  
Any chance we could see a Silverlight 2 version? The site just redirects to Microsoft's standard 'this user is using a beta version of Silverlight...' page. Thanks!

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