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Discussions for Simple DirectShow Player for Windows Mobile
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Mar 4 2010
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First post: adrian wrote: Hi, I don't figure out how I can input a file. Can I directly open a file on the mobile interface or should I input an address in the C++ program? Many thanks in advance.
Latest post: TimCarry wrote: Ok, i will help you firstly, connect to the device (in VC++2005 or 2008 tools -> connect to device) , then choice the Windows Mobile 6 Classic Emulator or any others, secondly, when you...
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Mar 26 2009
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First post: kikekoikan wrote: Hello, I tried this application in my phone. It works well with qvga input files played in a qvga window. But when I play a video in a VGA window then some frames are dropped. It seems...
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Oct 3 2008
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First post: hcode wrote: Hello You wrote : "Please note that some formats (WMV, WMA, MP3) are typically handled by Windows Media Player so they can't be played with DirectShow." Can you explain why, I can't unde...
Latest post: hcode wrote: Hi, Thanks this is perfectly clear. So I guess I may use WMP com object in order to playback mp3. As I have to playback mp3 from an HTTP Server, it surely wont work : WMP/Open Url c...
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