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Deep Dive document download for the Single View Editor sample included in the VS SDK.


Creating custom editors or designers in Visual Studio is a complex task. Even the minimal functionality requires a few hundred lines of code. The Simple View Editor Reference sample implements a feature-rich custom editor leveraging on the functionality of a RichTextBox control. Understanding the fundamentals of this sample is indispensable for those who want to create their own editors.
By going through this deep dive you get familiar with many important things about custom editors including the following ones:
What is the concept behind editor factories, document views and document data?
How to create item types for an editor?
What are the points where editors can be integrated with the VS Shell?
How to create feature-full editors with macro recording capabilities?
How to set information for the VS status bar?
To understand concepts treated here it is assumed that you are familiar with the idea of VSPackages and you know how to build and register very simple (even non-functional) packages. To get more information about packages, please take a look at the Package Reference Sample (C# Reference.Package sample).
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