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The Smart Client Software Factory is a guidance offering that provides comprehensive architecture guidance to help customers build Composite Smart Clients using the Microsoft platform (Win Forms, WPF, etc). An SCSF solution is composed of a number of discrete, independent, yet functional assemblies and components. These pieces are dynamically loaded and integrated together at runtime within a shell to form a fully coherent application.

This site hopes to centralize important information of value to the Smart Client Software Factory community.
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CAB/SCSF will be more difficult for you to grasp if you are not familiar with the Model-View-Presenter pattern - the learning can be steep If you don't see the pattern (pun intended).

Actions / ActionCatalog SmartPartInfo
Asynchronous State
Command * Command Adapter Status Bar
ClickOnce TraceSource
Config files TabWorkspace
Error Handling Treeview
Event Broker Toolbar
Foundation Module Translator
Logon UIExtensionSite
MDI Unit Test
Menus Unity
Modal User Control
Modules Visualizer
ObjectBuilder View
Presenter and Model WorkItem
ProfileCatalog.xml Workspace

ContextMenuStrip * Drag / Drop * ListView * Notification Icon
Managing State in the Smart Client Software Factory May 2007 * Enterprise library
Smart Client Software Factory Contrib * SCSF default startup sequence
Smart Client Software Factory May 2007 Bug-Fixes

Cabpedia * MSDN

Mario Szpuszta - Designing Smart Clients Base on CAB and SCSF
Mario Szpuszta - The Architectural Journal, Architecting Composite Smart Clients Using CAB and SCSF



If you are seeking help on Smart Client Software Factory topics that are not covered here please visit the official Smart Client Software Factory at This resource is a "solution" oriented site that will focus on answers to known issues and undocumented features.

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I Build new CAB Visualization that show the WorkItem hierarchy, Worksapce,
SmartPart, Command, Events, State and Items. And Tracing. Cool Tool for SCSF developer...
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