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Deep Dive document download for the Storyboard Designer project on CodePlex.


The Storyboard Designer example application allows users (developers) to create storyboards as part of their requirements analysis. This application uses the standalone Visual Studio Shell as a host for all the Storyboard Designer specific features. From a Visual Studio Extensibility point-of-view, there are several points of interest in this application, starting with the use of the standalone Visual Studio Shell used to host the application with custom projects, a special toolbox, and more. Another very important part of the application is the graphical DSL (Domain Specific Language) that makes up the majority of the storyboard designer. This DSL is created using the Microsoft DSL tools. Finally, there are numerous interesting details and customizations, such as a modification of the scrollbar area of the main DSL diagram window.

The Storyboard Designer project can be found on CodePlex ( and is available as a compiled installer as well as in source code form (Visual Studio Solution). To follow along with this paper, download the Visual Studio Solution.
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