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This sample demonstrates how to add your own page to the Project Creation Wizard (PCW), process data specified in the Process Template, and present it to your users in Team Explorer.
  • Shows how to add a custom page to the Project Creation Wizard
  • Shows how to access data specified in a custom Process Template
  • Shows how to add a root-level node to Team Explorer with child folders and leaf nodes


Building and running the sample

  1. Open the ExtendingTeamProjects solution in Visual Studio 2010.
  2. Configure the project to use an experimental instance of Visual Studio by opening the project properties for the TeamProjectExtensionPackage project and selecting the Debug tab. Under "Start Action" select Start External Program and specify the full path to Visual Studio 2010 (%ProgramFiles(x86)%\Microsoft Visual Studio 10.0\Common7\IDE\DevEnv.exe) and under “Start Options” specify the following command line arguments: /rootsuffix Exp.
  3. Build the solution.
  4. Start Debugging (F5) the solution – this will start a new instance of Visual Studio.
  5. Open the Process Template Manager from the Visual Studio menu by selecting Team > Team Project Collection Settings > Process Template Manager...
  6. Upload the sample process template provided with the solution.
  7. Launch the New Team Project Wizard and choose the "Project Creation Wizard Plugin Sample Process Template".
  8. You will see a new page in the wizard the lets you enter a set of links.
  9. Once you’ve created the Team Project, you will see a new node in Team Explorer that includes the links you entered as well as a set of links defined in the sample process template.
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